Try this latest fashion trend before it’s too mainstream

It’s time to pull up your socks images (8)

Yes, I mean it literally.
Hello Lovelies,
You all must be thinking this amateur blogger is running out of her mind, the mercury is soaring with jet speed and somehow we all are trying to escape this scorching heat and she is talking about ‘socks’. But trust me ladies this boomerang trend alert from 80’s is the latest cool style you can adopt. It’s time for you to go out and explore markets (or choose convenient option of online shopping like me ) and find variety of socks available in different sizes, colors, patterns, designs and material. Pick your desired ones and get ready to fight these summers with fashion. And when you are covering all your body parts to screen sun, why not your foot and legs? Hopefully, by now am able to convince you to add up this ‘socks trend’ to your summer styling list. To grow your interest further, here am sharing few ways on how this summers you can get socks game on point.

1.Celebrity fashion: Girls! You certainly can’t say no to it when fashion divas like Taylor swift, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Sandra bullock all are sporting it up. So take a clue from following looks and get inspired

2.Tube socks with heels: I know how much we all are in love with our heels and when am asking you to embrace this socks trend you need not to put your favorite pair  of heels aside, in fact they are going to play interesting role. So try this quirky match up of  heels with tube socks ( which already must be lying in some corner of your wardrobe)

3.Ankle length socks with heels: Talking about socks obsession and possession, we all have been lately in love with cute lil ankle length socks right? So why not team up these cuties with our lady like heels

4.Sneakers for casual sporty look: Yes of course, we can get back to the basics and go back to the decades old style of socks with sports shoe or your current obsession ‘sneakers’ for that casual or sporty look in joggers or shorts. But hey! Wait I have a twist for you in here as well , I can’t let you be so mainstream darling :-* How about pairing it your skirts and dresses

5.Lazy bum: Just in case you are a lazy chic like me who loves to slip into floaters, loafers, or chappals before stepping out of house. Even then this is the ‘yes please’ style for you

6.Knee length socks : These are the showstoppers of the socks fashion world. You will absolutely fall in love with idea of pairing knee length socks with your hot pants, midis and  micro minis

7. Why should girls have all the fashion fun:  Men are no behind in flautting off this trend. If you are one of those trend concious fashionista male then this is the next thing you must try on. Well! Girls, this is something you need to push your bae into

So go out and try these looks, am sure you folks are going to slay it totally. Don’t forget to share your pictures( on instagram @sharma.sakshi25) and reviews(below in comment section)me. I’ll be waiting eagerly to hear back from you. Till then just be yourself and keep slaying.
Much love
Sassy Sakshi